Randonnées, découvertes et curiosités franco-suisses Vaud - Valais - Haute-Savoie


Among the best whites and reds that are rich in character and subtle flavours, the result long tradition and of expert vinification ; such are the discoveries to which our wine growers invite you.

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Chablais Gourmands chablais-gourmands

Château de la Tour de Marignan
Sciez-sur-Léman (France)

This former dependency of the Abbey of Filly, dating from the eleventh century, has the oldest cellar in the Savoie region. Visiting this...

Chablais Gourmands chablais-gourmands

Morgins (Suisse)

7Peaks Brasserie has been making and brewing craft beers in Morgins for the last 5 years. Perched at more than 1300 meters in altitude, the brewery...

Chablais Gourmands chablais-gourmands

Abbaye de Salaz
Ollon (Suisse)

For over 1,000 years, the Abbey Salaz has witnessed men attached to their land. Today, it is the families Huber and Kropf that perpetuate this...

CG Vin De Giorgi

Cave de Giorgi &Fils
Ollon (Suisse)

It was in 1987 that the family of Giorgi began the cultivation of grapes in the beautiful vineyards of Chablais. Today, the estate covers about 8...

Chablais Gourmands chablais-gourmands

La Grappe dorée
Marin (France)

After four years at the wine school in Beaune France, Samuel took over from Claude to pursue the same research into producing characterful wines,...

Chablais Gourmands chablais-gourmands

Charly Blanc et fils
Yvorne (Suisse)

The family estate Charly Blanc & Son has more than15 hectares of vineyards spread over the Chablais Vaud and Valais region in the respective...



Les Chemins de Traverse: Une histoire de France, tome 2

Chemin de Brue 74140 Massongy Haute-Savoie (France)

Théâtre / par Maxime d'Aboville (dès 12 ans) / dans le cadre des Chemins de Traverses 2020/2021
Maxime d'Aboville (Molière du meilleur comédien en 2015) nous embarque pour un voyage drôle et captivant au c½ur de notre Histoire.
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